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All over the globe there a millions of small, medium and large corporate enterprises that use the professional services of commercial paving contractors.

Should you require paving for your enterprise, whether it be a building entry, parking area, event or conferencing area, dance floor, reception, walkway or an alternative workplace, you require the expertise and experience of a Commercial Paving Contractor.

Commercial paving has been around for a very long time and its purposes are many. This includes schools, colleges, resorts, hotels, gas stations, office blocks, malls and the list goes on and on.

Commercial paving is a professional’s game and it is an expensive exercise because the area to be paved is exceedingly larger than residential paving. The need to select and hire the right commercial paving contractor cannot be overstated.

You can find the correct Paving Contractor for your job in a knowledgeable way to ensure you get the results you set out to achieve, herewith some pointers in making your selection.

1. Ask the Contractor the following questions:

Professionals can be pinpointed by their professional and thorough approach to their craft and business. It is essential that the Contractor has sufficient insurance and can prove it. Get confirmation that all individuals, workers and out-source crew are sufficiently protected on the property whilst working. A Commercial Contractor worth his salt would have insurance, liability cover and proper references.

2. Choose a legitimate, expert contractor

When embarking on a Commercial Paving project you want to feel at peace about your supplier and confident that they will complete the paving project adhering to all the stipulated terms negotiated, within time and within budget.

3. Is the contractor licensed as a processional?

If you want to avoid sitting with your hair in your hands, you need to ensure your commercial paving contractor is licensed. Licensed practitioners have a track record and are accountable to the governing body.

4. How long is the track-record of the Paving Contractor?

As with any specialized industry, a proven track record shows experience and expertise in this unique and challenging trade. No less than 5 years should be accepted as a suitable track record. Less than this calls for further research.

5. A list of references and prior projects

References and prior projects are an essential research element since it speaks about the Contractor through their work and the opinions of those they worked for. You are well in your right to request such reference list and make sure to follow up on the given references.

  • Ask the references pertinent questions
  • Did the Contractor complete the project in time?
  • Did the Contractor stay within the allocated budget?
  • Did the job stay on track and where there any problems

6. Cheaper never means “better”

As in all industries, you will find overpriced contractors, but don’t be too fooled by a “good deal” either. The higher and more market related price from an experienced contractor is relevant due to their professional status in the field. Low priced contractors need to be researched. Usually, you will find that some of the other credentials don’t add up.

With more than 30 years of experience, Boss Paving is a commercial paving company in all types of paving including walkways, driveways, patios and pool deck paving. Call us today for your paving requirements and expert advise.