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If you prefer to pave your driveway or garage entrance, there are numerous points to consider, including design, layout as well as paving options. There are a vast variety of styles, colors and types to pick from.

With our expertise, Boss Paving will enable you to create the picture-perfect paved driveway for your residence.

The majority of bricks manufactured have the durability to carry heavyweight vehicles and cars.

It is possible to produce a gorgeous driveway extremely cost efficiently, by utilizing the appropriate combination of materials. By purely combining a pure design style with accentuated features with pavers will enhance your driveway paving while adding to the overall completion of your landscaping and gardening.

You can contact Boss paving for expert advice and experienced support on a variety of materials, colors and styles.



Hi Vivian I would like to place on record that I would recommend your company for the highest ‘award for excellence’. I have rarely seen such efficiency levels from a workforce. Your service from quotation to job completion is unsurpassed. Please pass on thanks to Jeffery, Edmond and his hard working team. Regards Bernadette Nolan

Bernadette Nolan


Driveway Paving Durban

driveway paving DurbanDriveway paving Durban is a vital part of your landscaping design since it presents the impressions of your home to passers-by, buddies, family and most notably property homebuyers whenever you are ready to sell your home or apartment. A well-designed driveway will take into consideration the surrounding landscape as well as your residence’s architectural design.

Additionally, the width and design of your driveway will definitely influence just how reachable your residence is. Certainly there are a wide array of layout choices when it comes to home entrances you can decide on so as to satisfy your requirements.

The paving you decide on for your driveway has to be resilient and appealing. The driveway at your residence will be used virtually every day and must endure the demands of various vehicles, dirt, weather, heat, cold and whatever more can take effect to a driveway. Prominent driveway paving materials include concrete, pavers, gravel and blacktop.

Paving Materials for Driveways in Durban

With the option of precisely what kind of material to select when it comes to driveway installations is really an individual preference. The three most common paver products that are fit for driveways are as follows:

  • Concrete Pavers
  • Stone Pavers
  • Brick or Clay Pavers

Concrete pavers are available in a variety of colours, paver size and paver shape. The design patterns that can possibly be accomplished for paved driveways are magnificent. Concrete pavers are simply more affordable as to natural stone pavers.

Stone pavers will deliver all the natural charm and natural style due to the fact that they are a natural material. Stone pavers are a perfect paver choice if you like a more natural total look and feel to your driveway application. They are provided in numerous shapes and sizes yet the colour shades are certainly more natural tones.

Brick pavers are also provided in lots of colours, sizes and shapes. The benefits to brick pavers are you can be as easy or creative in the concept you decide on. You can simply include different brick paver sizes and various colours in the paved driveway application which in turn gets individuality and appearance.

Patterns for Paved Driveways In Durban

You need to decide on exactly what type of paver product, shape, size, pattern, design and colour would be more appropriate in Durban for your driveway application. As all these kinds of decisions will have the visual effect to the end final result. Listed below are several designs that you can think of for your driveway application:

  • Running Bond Pattern
  • Herringbone Pattern
  • Basket Weave Pattern
  • Hexagon Pattern
  • Round Pattern
  • Fan Pattern
  • Irregular Pattern

As soon as you opt for a laying pattern you need to think about the size and also the shape of the driveway as a couple of laying patterns may make the driveway look smaller sized than it truly is.

Paving Patterns

Some laying patterns have the result of making the paved part seem bigger as some laying patterns will certainly have the opposite effect of making the location appear smaller, this is where you must be certain of exactly what affect you would prefer and also which paving pattern is more suitable.
The benefits in regard to driveway paving so much more than simply the visual aspects. Residential, commercial and neighborhood applications likewise understand the safety of what pavers deliver on sidewalks and walkways.

The driveway at your house will be made use of every day and needs to withstand the obstacles of various vehicles, dirt, weather, heat, cold and whatever else can happen to a driveway. Popular driveway paving products include concrete, pavers, gravel and asphalt. The design patterns that can be accomplished for paved driveways are impressive. If you prefer a more natural total appearance and feel to your driveway application, than stone pavers are a perfect paver option. You can simply include different brick paver sizes and numerous colours in the paved driveway application which has individuality and character.